It tells the story of Salta, which, in the valley Calchaquí, more precisely, in Angastaco, Finca El Carmen, finding the primitive owner of these lands, digging with the peonada, a ditch, suddenly, one of the blades, Strange noise and immediately, the order was given to “CESEN” their tasks and they go to rest, that tomorrow we continue with the work, attracted by the curiosity, the pattern returned to the night and extracted of the same, a “TAPAO”, that Consisted of several sacks of gold, so that from then on, it was called that parcel, that of the “EESC”. That is why, also today, the vines planted in these lands, with their grapes turned into wine; They will try to express and manifest in the mouth and in the other senses the tastings, the values and qualities that this alone possesses, as the new treasure that gives us these lands.

 Flia Zamora Franzini

Fragment extracted from the book:”Apuntes históricos sobre San Carlos del valle Calchaquí de Salta”, 1938, Buenos aires, Argentina (Pág. 113)