Origin: Vineyards of our own, which are located 1920 metres high amsl in Viñas del Carmen estate, Angastaco, Salta, Argentina.

Variety: 70% Malbec – 30% Cabernet Vineyard: 8 years old – It yields from 6500 kg to 7000kg per ha.

Soil: Sandy-loam soil lies on a pebbled bed of alluvial origin. Production: Manual harvesting and selection. Destemming and crashing. Extended fermentation and maceration occurs in a vessel at 26° and 28° for 23 days. Devatting, sedimentation and decantation. It follows a natural malolactic fermentation process. Clarification and filtration.

Ageing period: 40% of the wine is aged for 4 months in French and American oak barrels and it is then kept in the bottle for 4 months.

Tasting note: It has ruby red shades with rusty hints. Its aroma presents a spicy compound with a unique aroma of white pepper, then, red dry fruits like plums and black olives. In the mouth, it has a good structure with round, sweet and ripe tannins.

Wine-paring: This wine matches with local cuisine, empanadas (a type of Cornish pasty typical from Salta) and barbecue.

Serving temperature: Between 16° and 18° C.

Alcohol: 14,00% V/V

Sugar: 1,80 GR/L

Total Acidity: 5. 70 GR/L

PH: 3.80

Bottle Size Availabe: Bottle 750 CM3

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